ISSCC 2003 – RamP-IV

In the year 2003, I and SSL team presented “A 210mW Graphics LSI implementing Full 3D Pipeline with 264Mtexels/s Texturing for Mobile Multimedia Applications” at ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuit Conference)

I designed the 5-stage RISC processor with 8KB Instruction and Data Cache for 3D geomery processing and founded the full-chip integration flow with automatic P&R with Apollo (now it is Astro).

Die Photo of RamP-IV

Microscopic signature on the chip.

RamP-IV is the world first all-in-one 3D graphic processor for mobiel application and successfully demonstrated displaying on VGA display on the prototype system.

Ramp-IV Evaluation Environment

Ramp-IV Evaluation Environment (Revised)

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