2006 MDDI (Mobile Display Digital Interface)

MDDI (Mobile Display Digital Interface) is Qualcomm’s technology for high-speed serial interface between their MSM (baseband) chip and the peripheral including display module and camera module.

In 2006, I leaded the development of MDDI IP (Intellectual Property) including analog PHY and logic core.
The IP is successfully evaluated to 300Mbps for a data lane and supports dual display.
I designed my own MDDI logic core that receives 4-bit wise parallelized data and extract packets containing commands and display pixel data and transfer it to various legacy interfaces for the straightforward integration.
It requires only 30% area of Qualcomm’s original MDDI core nonetheless it has the almost the same features.

Working with Qualcomm people was good experience and I still working on MDDI 1.2 with them.

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